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Breast Augmentation

A Consumer’s Guide to Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery grows more and more popular
every year, and is changing the way people view the female
physique. The procedure, referred to as augmentation
mammoplasty, has become especially sought-after over
the past decade.
This article will give you an overview of the breast
augmentation procedure, its costs, risks and more.

Breast Augmentation: What You Should Know

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, keep in
mind that there are numerous cosmetic options available now
that can alter the size and shape of your breasts. Along with the increasing popularity of this type of surgery, new and innovative methods have been developed for the procedure. Modern breast-implant technology has allowed augmentation surgery to become far less invasive and pose fewer risks and side effects.

Are Breast Implants Right For You?

If you are seriously considering breast augmentation, it is essential that you know what the procedure involves. There are many important factors to consider, such as which type of augmentation – saline or silicone – is best for you, as well as the total cost and the possible side effects of the surgery.

The Price of Breast Augmentation

The price range of implants varies greatly, and is determined by several factors, such as your geographical location, the fees and other costs that your surgeon charges, the type of implants that are recommended for you, the procedure that will be involved, and more. Breast augmentation costs are different for every individual. You can research breast augmentation to get a better idea of the prices, and to know which factors your surgeon will have to take into account for the type of procedure you want.

The Consumer’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

 The majority of breast implants used today are made of either silicone or saline. Your surgeon will talk with you about which type would be best for you, based on your general health and the appearance you desire.  And while there are generally just the two types of implants to choose from, you have many more options when it comes to the size of the implants and where you want them positioned.

Revision Augmentation

Revising a breast augmentation procedure may be necessary for a number of reasons, but usually this kind of surgery is performed to correct some aspect of the original implant surgery that the patient wants changed. It may be that the implants are causing discomfort, or they don’t feel or look the way the patient expected them to. There are some complications associated with revision breast augmentation, and the procedure can be more expensive than the original implant surgery. In addition, the recovery time for the revision procedure may be longer than the primary recovery period.



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