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Breast Implants

Build a Better Bustline With Breast Implant Surgery

Every year, the popularity of breast augmentation surgery
increases, and the surgical procedures used for implants become
more and more sophisticated. If you are interested in getting
breast implants but you want to learn more about the
procedure first, check out The Consumer Guide to Breast
Implants. This detailed resource will give you information
on the various types of implants currently available, on
the placement of implants, on the types of incisions used
in the implant procedure, the risks and side effects, and more. 

The Basics of Breast Implants

The primary purpose of breast implant surgery is to enhance your bustline by re-sizing and re-shaping your breasts. Modern day breast augmentation surgery has become quite refined, due to the improvements of surgical methods and procedures through the years. In addition, recovery periods and post-surgical results have improved dramatically with time.  Some women are choosing to combine breast implant surgery with a breast lift, which yields very pleasing results.

Types of Breast Implants

If you are considering breast implant surgery, you will have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of implants to choose from. Prior to surgery, you should have a clear image of the profile and the amount of cleavage you want, which will help to determine which type of implant you should use. Other factors that are used to select the proper kind of implant are the positioning and texture you seek, as well as your pre-surgery body type and shape.

The FDA and Breast Implants

In 1992, silicone breast implants were determined by the FDA to be unsafe and were pulled from the market. These implants have re-emerged in recent years, with significant improvements. The FDA has long governed the safety and effectiveness of breast implants.

Breast Implants For Men

Men who desire bulked-up chest muscles may subject themselves to strenuous workouts and other exercises, but their goal may turn out to be unattainable. Another option for these men is male breast implants, also called pectoral implants, which are becoming more and more popular. Men who are interested in this procedure should consult their doctor to find out if they are suitable candidates for the procedure.

Silicone or Saline: Which Breast Implant Type Is Best For You?

For years, saline breast implants have been the preferred choice for people wanting augmentation, because if the implants burst, the saline will simply dissolve into the body. However, the downside of saline is that ripples flowing through the implants can be visible on the skin’s surface. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of both saline and silicone implants. So take the time to learn about each type before making your decision.

Side Effects of Breast Implant Surgery

Naturally, there are risks associated with breast implant surgery, just as there are with all surgical procedures. Post-procedure problems are rare, but they do happen. Complications stemming from breast augmentation may necessitate additional surgery, or require a lengthier recovery period. The most common problems linked to breast implant surgery are infections, breast-feeding difficulties, implant leakage, and obstruction of mammograms. You should discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before you decide to have augmentation surgery.


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