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Get the most out of your plastic surgery consultation.

Aside from maintaining a listing of plastic surgeons, we have exceptional information on breast augmentation, breast implants, as well as liposuction and skin care. But what we're most excited to show you now are some great new tools we've built into Plastic Surgery Patient Resource to help you in the decision making process the Beauty Portfolio. This resource is free, and we'd invite you to consider its use when planning your plastic surgery consultation.

Introducing the Beauty Portfolio.

he LYL Beauty Portfolio is what we like to call our collection of tools, and we think you'll agree that these can be very useful for someone considering plastic surgery. Just like you favorite websites, you can now bookmark doctors and your favorite before & after photos. We then offer you a convenient way to print out a personalized consultation workbook full of helpful information, questions for your surgeon and any before & after photos that you have marked.

We also offer a 3D Personal Body Model to help you visualize yourself before and after breast augmentation, and how implant size choicess, body type, and weight may affect the final outcome of your surgery. We hope you'll find it a fun and informative tool, and hope that it will aid you in discussions during your surgical consultations.


Locate a breast augmentation or liposuction surgeon near you.

Because selecting the best doctor is your top priority, we suggest setting up consultations with more than one surgeon so you can find the one who you connect with most. This section of our website is designed to make it easier for you to find and screen qualified surgeons in your area. Search our listing of plastic surgeons and dermatologists by clicking on the State you are located in below.


Getting ready for your consultation.

Like your dentist or family physician this may likely be a long-term relationship, so choose your doctor carefully. Equally important as a physician's surgical skills is his or her communication style. You also will be interacting with your plastic surgeon's office staff, so you should consider how well they communicate with you, and how well they answer your questions and concerns about cosmetic surgery and procedures you are interested in. Be sure to clearly state your expectations and goals of the surgery, and don't be embarassed to ask questions. Your plastic surgeon should be happy to discuss with you any concerns or questions that you may have.


Save your favorite doctors, before & afte photos. Simple, powerful, free... and just for you. Perfect.



Open your existing portfolio

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