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Male Chest Surgery

Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction
Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, is more common than
many people realize, and can affect one or both breasts. In
general, the cause of gynecomastia is unknown, and the only
way to treat the condition is through surgery. Some obese
men who have gynecomastia can relieve the condition by
losing weight, but for the majority of men this isn’t a cure.
The medical term gynecomastia is derived from the Greek
words for “women-like breasts.” For many men, this
condition can cause severe emotional distress. The simple
act of taking off a shirt at a beach or in a locker room can
produce extreme levels of anxiety in men and boys who have
gynecomastia. If self-consciousness becomes overwhelming, breast reduction surgery may be the only solution. Male breast reduction in men is done by surgically by removing glandular tissue and fat from the breasts. In the most extreme cases, excess skin is taken out, and the result is a flatter and firmer chest that reveals the classic male contours.

The Surgical Procedure for Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia takes about 1-2 hours and can be done with a general anesthesia or a local anesthesia. Male breast reduction is considered a type of plastic surgery that minimizes breast size by using ultrasound-assisted liposuction. In cases where there is an excess amount of tissue to take out, the surgeon will make a small incision through which the tissue can be directly removed. And though it is rarely necessary, the skin that surrounds the areola may be removed to reduce breast size.
In about 7-10 days following the surgery, most men will have recovered to some degree. The full recovery won’t be experienced for another 4-6 weeks. During this time, the patient is advised not to do any heavy lifting or do strenuous exercise workouts at the gym or at home. Some men won’t feel completely over their surgery for 6 months to a year.
The outcome of gynecomastia surgery is a contoured chest that is much firmer and flatter, and this will be permanent as long as the patient doesn’t gain a lot of weight. Men who have this surgery with realistic expectations for the outcome are very likely to be quite pleased with the results.


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